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Marie-Galante, pretty island in the Sea...

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Randonne  Marie Galante
Moulin de Bzard
Following the footprints of Columbus, be one out of many to explore the "Big Pie" (Grande Galette) nickname to Marie-Galante, the isle of 100 windmills.

It is said that amazing things come in a small package  and thats what Marie-Galante is all about. It may only lie on 150 km2 but is a wonderous place, indeed !

The island has got 3 villages, Saint-Louis, Grand-Bourg and Capesterre and invites you to share the splendor of its culture, natural beauty and history...

Setting foot on Marie-Galante is stunning from the shore to its changing topography. The plains, the cliffs in the North East, the Mangrove swamps and its unriveled plateau...
Marie-galante is fairly dry. Its climate is generous to sugar cane crops. The landscape features relics of a prosperous sugar industry, ruins of windmills as a milestone to the islands patrimony.excursion_marie-galante

Land of authenticity, of subtle flavors and of bursting cocktails. Land of Bbl (A local soup-like dish made of dumplins and meat chunks with breadfruit). Land of turquoise waters and of friendly people.
This little paradise is yours to discover.

Marie-Galante has started a "green energy" program. In fact, 25 wind turbines can be seen on Morne Rita (Hill) which supply 30% of the islands power. The rest of the electricity comes from Guadeloupe via an underwater cable.

Places of interest are :

Gueule Grand Gouffre (A huge hole in the Northern cliffs); Caye Plate; la Mare au Punch (The Rum Punch Pond); Habitation Murat (Murat Estate); Habitation Roussel-Trianon; Moulin de Bzard (The Bzard Windmill)distilleries, sirop de batterie (Natural local sugar cane syrup); Manioqueries (Cassava processing workshops); Chodaj (also a local soup-like made of pork meat and ground provisions aswell...) and typical island syrup cake known as "Bull droppings" because of its shape...
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