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For your own comfort, NATURE EXPERIENCE suggest "guided", "non-guided" journeys and "custom-built" activities in Guadeloupe and the Caribbean, contact us !

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Guadeloupe, an Archipelago of Treasures...

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destination_nature_guadeloupeGuadeloupe is located in the Northern Hemisphere at 16 of latitude and 61 of longitude West between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.
Tucked between Dominica to the South and Antigua to the North, Guadeloupe is an archipelago full of diversity. It is the largest of the Lesser Antilles (more than1700 sq Km). Its made of 6 islands, two of which form the big island in a shape of a butterfly (Grande-Terre and Basse-Terre). And theres Marie-Galante also known as "The Isle of a 100 windmills", the largest of the Guadeloupe dependency islands...

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Marie-Galante, pretty island in the Sea...

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Randonne  Marie Galante
Moulin de Bzard
Following the footprints of Columbus, be one out of many to explore the "Big Pie" (Grande Galette) nickname to Marie-Galante, the isle of 100 windmills.

It is said that amazing things come in a small package  and thats what Marie-Galante is all about. It may only lie on 150 km2 but is a wonderous place, indeed !

The island has got 3 villages, Saint-Louis, Grand-Bourg and Capesterre and invites you to share the splendor of its culture, natural beauty and history...

Setting foot on Marie-Galante is stunning from the shore to its changing topography. The plains, the cliffs in the North East, the Mangrove swamps and its unriveled plateau...
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Archipelago of The Saintes

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excursion_aux_saintesThe archipelago of The Saintes is made of 9 islands. Two of which are inhabitated, Terre-de-Haut and Terre-de-Bas. The latter is smaller than the other one and they are separated by a 3-kilometer wide channel.

randonne_aux_saintesTwo beautiful islands with inhabitants, descendants of seamen from Brittany, France. Most of whom live on Terre-de-Haut. The lanscape is dry on Terre-de-Haut, whereas the vegetations more dense on neighboring Terre-de-Bas. Fishing is the main industry here. So much that the boats used here are called Saintoises.randonne_aux_saintes

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The Island of Desirade

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randonne_le_de_dsiradeLa Dsirade, land so desired by famous explorer, Christopher Columbus and his sailor men. It is located 15 kilometers off the Eastern Shores of Guadeloupe at "La Pointe des Chteaux".
During the 18th century and throughout the 20th century the island was a lepers colony. The ruins of the lepers clinic can still be seen today in the village of Baie-Mahault...

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Le Parc National de Guadeloupe

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flore_antillesCertains territoires de part la beaut de leur patrimoine naturel ont pouss les hommes prendre des mesures particulires visant leur protection. Cest ainsi quen France, ont t crs 9 Parcs nationaux :

La Vanoise (1963)
Port-Cros (1963)
Les Pyrnes (1967)
Les Cvennes (1970)
Les Ecrins (1973)
Le Mercantour (1979)
La Guadeloupe (fvrier 1989)
La Guyane (fvrier 2007)
La Runion (mars 2007)

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