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For your own comfort, NATURE EXPERIENCE suggest "guided", "non-guided" journeys and "custom-built" activities in Guadeloupe and the Caribbean, contact us !

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Dominica, Nature island of the Caribbean

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Excursion  la Dominique
Excursion la dominique
Dominica, Nature island of the Caribbean is a former British Crown Colony. The island has kept its unpoiled atmosphere. Simplicity is its leitmotiv. Nature island? Is that what you mean? Luckily, Dominica has so far escaped the man-made development madness. Step into a world of peacefulness and serenity. Let your spirit guide you through this Garden of Eden.

Dominica is also called "The Island of the 365 rivers". Its has got a unique wildlife which features animals such as parrots (the Amazona Imperialis and the Jacko), Boa constrictors have also made it their habitat...

Dominica's forest
has a luxury flora and abondant life...faune_dominica
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Martinique, the blossom of the West Indies

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flore_martiniqueThe island is located south of the English-speaking island of Dominica and North of Saint Lucia. Madinina, the isle of flowers lies majestic ! With a land span of 1100 km2, a population of 400 000 and a fascinating natural and cultural heritage, Martinique is one of the greatest jewels of the Caribbean not to miss...

Martinique, "the blossom of the West Indies" will enhance your journey and stay by the diversity of its colors and flavors...

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