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For your own comfort, NATURE EXPERIENCE suggest "guided", "non-guided" journeys and "custom-built" activities in Guadeloupe and the Caribbean, contact us !

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Hiking and Trekking in Guadeloupe

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sentiers_randonne_guadeloupeThe islands lush-green area is part of the Guadeloupe National Park, a 17300 hectare-wide forest and a dazzling sanctuary to various species.
destination_nature_guadeloupeThe forest is home to 300 varieties of plants, shrubs and vines that crawl over every tree. The island boasts close to 100 species of wild orchids as well.
The local wildlife is relatively harmless. The racoons which are always showing a friendly grin were proclaimed the Emblem of the National Park.
There are swarms of birds notably the amazing humming-bird but also the unique sedentary Black Woodpecker of the West Indies : The Guadeloupe Black Woodpecker (Melanerpes lherminieri, indigenous to the island).
panorama-guadeloupeThis phrase symbolizes the ambiance of our hiking tours and or sport adventures (with backpacking overnight expeditions in mountain refugees, etc.). Moments of full emotions and tropical passion... Your stay will lead you to discover natural authentic paths and live a pure native experience...

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