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NATURE EXPERIENCE vous propose ses séjours en "accompagné", en "liberté" et "sur mesure" en Guadeloupe et dans la Caraïbe, contactez nous !

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Vitiligo may cause people to become Witch in you (1 lecteur(s)) (1) _WHO_ONLINE_GUEST
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SUJET: Vitiligo may cause people to become Witch in you
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Vitiligo may cause people to become Witch in you _FB_TIME_SINCE Karma: 0  
Suffering vitiligo can cause people to become Witch

it? Melanin granules in hair cortex type and quantity determined by the hair color, hair can

be yellow, white, brown and red or black. By the same token, smooth hairless skin, such as

pointed toe and mucosal lesions after therapy.
Involvement of nearly half of hair, eyebrows and hair, which most often involved. Not

all in the same patient's lesions occur within the hair bleaching, but also within

individual lesions may be part or all of the hair white. The upper, hair most commonly

involved, followed by &#30333;&#30300;&#39118;&#30151;&#29366; the eyebrows,

pubic and armpit hair.
Hair involvement Changbiaoxianwei scattered white hair, looks like a spreading salt or

pepper color, severe hair can also occur throughout the complete bleaching, but this is

extremely rare. Sometimes hair bleaching is not accompanied by their white under the scalp.

Extensive white hair color often complex bad sign. White hair, many factors, it should

consider whether it is a direct source of vitiligo, not to blindly cut diagnosis.
Vitiligo experts pointed out that white hair and other symptoms and

the cause of vitiligo has a direct correlation. In

addition to white hair, in 37% of patients can still see the development of pre-gray hair,

gray hair before the development is considered an early manifestation of vitiligo.
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